How to Dress For a Rainy Day at Disneyland Resort

How to Dress For a Rainy Day at Disneyland Resort

Rainy days at the Disneyland Resort can be a lot of fun if you are prepared for them! When not prepared for them, they can become a test of endurance and positive attitude. There are a lot of fun experiences to be had on rainy days at the Disneyland Resort (check out our guide here).

Dressing properly for the day and having the right accessories can make all the difference in the world on if it is a good or bad day. Here are a few tips for showing up prepared for a good day at the Disneyland Resort when it is rainy.
Choosing the proper outerwear is incredibly important for a rainy day at the Disneyland Resort. The goal is to stay dry while still being able to move easily enough in and out of attractions. With that in mind, choose a jacket that is waterproof and practical. If you intend on hopping on and off attractions all day, a full-length trench coat may not be your friend. Instead, choose something that has a little extra length but is still functional. Shorter trench coats are a great idea. 

As you pick your coat, pick something that will keep you dry and also keep you warm. Ideally, you want something breathable too so you don’t end up uncomfortable all day. 

Another option, especially at Disneyland, is a poncho. The moment the rain starts coming down at Disneyland these seem to appear out of nowhere. They are under $10 generally but sometimes will sell out quickly so if this part of your plan, act fast!

Choosing the right footwear is important for a rainy day at the Disneyland Resort. Unless you don’t mind wet and cold feet and socks, pick something that is both comfortable and waterproof. The obvious choice is a good pair of rainboots. Quite often I will wear heavier leather shoes. This only works for a while before giving way to wet socks and feet though.

Most often, I find myself in a pair of Converse All-Stars with soaked feet. This isn’t the path I would suggest. Rainboots are the best, especially if you get a comfortable pair. They will keep you the most comfortable. There are also some really fun themed ones on Amazon as well.

In my humble opinion, hats are one of the most important parts of rainy day fun. Seeing that I wear glasses, a good hat can really make for a much nicer day in the parks. I prefer one with a good brim that keeps both my glasses dry but also keeps water from dripping down my neck if I don’t have a hood on. Most of the time I wear a Trilby into the park, sometimes I do swap this out for a full-on Fedora that has a bigger brim on it. If I’m NOT using an umbrella, I will go for something that is more weatherproof.

The other important part about enjoying a rainy day at Disneyland is layering. Personal preference is a large part of this but keep a few things in mind. Don’t wear pants that will act like a sponge and be uncomfortable when you get wet. It’s a good idea to look for pants made of wool, polyester, nylon or silk. Cotton is not such a good idea. Wet cotton will cling to your skin and stay wet. Look for pants that will dry quickly. Another option is to wear rain pants. There are also some lightweight pants that are either water resistant or waterproof.

For under your jacket, choose to layer in a way that will keep you warm but not make you sweat. You also want a fabric that will breathe so you aren’t sweaty and sticky all day. It’s often a good idea to go with a shirt and then a sweater or sweatshirt under the jacket.

Choosing the right socks is also important. If you aren’t wearing rainboots, you can look into some weatherproof socks. Wool socks are a great combination with rainboots. Just be careful with how thick of socks you get if you don’t want to be too warm.

The great thing about layering is that it provides flexibility. Generally, I aim for making sure that I have enough layers to keep me warm at the coldest part of my day at the Disneyland Resort. I can always take a layer off and put it in my camera bag or something but I’d rather not have to buy another layer while at the parks in an effort to try to warm up. Also, it’s harder to get warm again once I’m cold so I’d rather just not get cold in the first place.

Umbrellas are also a good choice on rainy days. However, be careful when using them. They can definitely be dangerous and rarely does a rainy day in the park go by that I have almost been poked in the face by one. Safety spiel now done, I do have to say I enjoy having an umbrella in the parks when raining.

​There is something so soothing about hearing the rain hit the umbrella while walking through the parks. It also is the best protection (if the wind cooperates) for cameras and phones. There are different size umbrellas to choose from. If using a camera or video camera, a bigger umbrella is probably a better choice.

Extra Accessories
If you ARE bringing along your camera it is a good idea to make sure you have protected it as well. I have a cover for my camera to keep it dry. It may look a bit ridiculous, but it works. It is relatively inexpensive and I’ve found it to work really well. It is good with or without a tripod.

I also make sure and put the hood on my camera bag. The camera bag I have came with a rain hood that seems to work (when it is on). The downside is the opening and closing part while out in the weather. It also was relatively affordable and has been good for carrying camera equipment and also not bad for my back.

I would also make sure to have something to clean your lens and/or glasses with. Snacks are a good thing to have as well. Finally, always bring along extra batteries!

Bring them for your phone and also for your camera. If you forget one for your phone (or are a regular Disneyland attendee), grab a Fuel Rod for $30 throughout the Disneyland Resort. I have had one for about six months and loved it!

Final Thoughts
A day at the Disneyland Resort in the rain can be one of the best days or one of the most uncomfortable. Making it fun comes down to mindset and preparedness.

With these tips, hopefully, you will be set up for a magical day in the rain at the Disneyland Resort! We’d love to hear your tips as well for going to Disney in the rain. Share some tips in the comments below!

We look forward to seeing you in the park (especially if it is raining)!